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Convert: their interest into new business!

The SMART Retirement 2-in-1 All-In-One
Automated Marketing & Sales System
From Lead Generation Through Completed Sale

SMART Retirement is the first 2-in-1 All-In-One Marketing and Sales System that takes you from lead generation through completed sale with all of the resources you need to attract, wow, and then convert prospects into fully engaged clients (that refer).

These transformational business resources are available to you for a monthly investment of $197 subject to the Smart Advisor Tools IP and user agreement. Your monthly investment of $197/month is immediately due and will continue at $197/month every 30 days thereafter.

With this program you will receive 4 books, shipped to you monthly for the agreed upon term; as well as have access to all of the branded online resources and SMART client presentation system for your client meetings after you generate the lead. These reports will be 100% consistent and congruent with the SMART marketing message that attracted the prospective client. Consistency creates trust in you, the SMART process, and the SMART brand.

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4 books per month shipped to the shipping address
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2 video brochures explaining the Smart Planz, LLC Smart 401(k) Plan

Branded websites at:

Unlimited use of the SMART E-Mail WOW system at

Advanced sales training posted at

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Shipment & billing occur on a monthly basis 30 days after my initial purchase today.

No other fees apply for access to the SMART resources beyond your agreement here to purchase books.

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